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ChooseATL & A3C


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ChooseATL and A3C bring you Tracklanta, a dope musical experience designed to provide the next generation of musical creators with the once in a lifetime experience to record with 5 of hip-hop’s most influential local producers at 5 studios across the city. We will select 15 winners from around the would to be invited to Atlanta to experience for themselves why Music is Made in Atlanta.

Atlanta Producers & Studios



710 Berkeley Ave NW


@ Stankonia

677 Antone St NW


@ Patchwerk

1094 Hemphill Ave 


@ Bravo Ocean

1040 Boulevard SE


@ Doppler

922 Piedmont Cir NE


ChooseATL was launched by the Metro Atlanta Chamber in 2015 to attract and retain next-gen talent. ChooseATL showcases Atlanta as a leading global destination and celebrates its expanding career opportunities, unique community, and inclusive culture by mixing digital engagement with high-touch live events and experiences, both regionally and around the world.

How to Enter

5 Producers, 5 Studios. 15 Chances to Win Studio Time with the Best in the Business. 

 Bandlab Logo

BandLab is a social music platform that enables creators to make music and share the creative process with musicians and fans. With a global community of creators and fans, BandLab combines music making and collaboration tools like the world’s first cross-platform DAW, with social features like video sharing, messaging and discovery.

BandLab’s mission is to break down the technical, geographic and creative barriers between creators, collaborators and community by providing a completely free and unlimited service.

If you ever need help using BandLab, you can always check out our Help Center here, or drop an email at support@bandlab.com and we’ll find the best way to help you out. 

Part 1: Bring your ATL-Game

This round, you show us who you are with your best work. You can create on BandLab, or upload an existing track onto BandLab. You can only submit one entry. Here’s how:

  1. Download the BandLab app on iOS or Android, or head to bandlab.com on your desktop’s Chrome browser
  2. Login or create an account
  3. Head to the Explore page, where you can find the contest here. Look out for #ATLgame
  4. Upload your track by importing it directly or create an original track using BandLab’s Mix Editor
  5. Hashtag #ATLgame in the description.

This is the first step towards Tracklanta. To qualify you also need to fork and freestyle over one of the 5 A3C producer beats.

Part 2: Mix The Masters

Each of the five Tracklanta producers has created a specially made beat for this round. Download the stems from one of five specially made beats and freestyle over it. You can submit multiple entries for this round.

  1. Head to the contest landing page here and scroll down to Featured Contests. Look out for beats from each producer. There are 5 to choose from, marked with the title “A3C”
  2. You can listen to the beats by tapping play, and when you’ve chosen your prefered beat/s, tap on “Enter Contest”. Alternatively, you can listen to the 5 beats below, and tap on the green "fork" button to download the stems
  3. Tapping "Enter Contest" downloads the stems of the beat and opens up the Mix Editor. Here, you can record and freestyle over the beat, or remix it to your heart's content
  4. Once you’re done with your freestyle recording in the Mix Editor, publish your track and hashtag #tracklanta in the revision description
  5. You can enter up to five times in this section – once per producer/beat.

How we pick the winners

A judging panel from the A3C Festival & Conference A&R team will pick a shortlist of 25 finalists. The shortlist will be picked based purely on artistic merit.

Once the 25 finalists have been picked, each finalist will enter the next phase of the contest – finalists will have a short web conference call with the corresponding producer’s A&R rep (for example, if you freestyled over Needlz’s beat, his A&R rep will drop you a call!)

Each producer will then pick their final winners (up to 3 per producer).

The final fifteen winners will be announced by September 15,  2019.


The prize

A pair of GA tickets to attend the 15th anniversary A3C Festival & Conference (worth $349 USD).

Recording and mentorship experience in Atlanta, Georgia with your corresponding Tracklanta producer.

What’s not included: Travel & Lodging - you’ll need to make your way to Atlanta and organise accommodation. There are some great recommendations here. 

IMPORTANT: Users found to be in violation of the BandLab Community Guidelines or contest rules during the contest period will be automatically disqualified from the winner’s selection process.

Getting started on BandLab - your path to Tracklanta! 

It’s very easy to get your account up and running and your music out there. Here’s a quick start guide to signing up and getting your first track published so you’re in the running for Tracklanta! 

Sign up for a BandLab account

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 1-21-43 PM

Creating an account is free and simple.

You can create an account by heading to bandlab.com on the Chrome browser. Or if you want to work on your mobile device, download the BandLab app on your iOS or Android device.

Once you’ve signed up, you can fill up your profile by telling us a little about yourself, the music you love, and the instruments you play. This can be filled up at a later time if you wish to do so.

Importing a track 

You can always import a track that you have created outside of BandLab. To import a track, select “Import Track” when you’re prompted on the first screen you see after clicking on the Red Create button, or red + button on mobile. You can upload an MP3, M4A or WAV file.

What is forking?

When you fork a song on BandLab, you’re picking up where the original artist left off, or starting from where they stopped. Essentially, you are taking another user’s track and adding it to your Mix Editor. You can then build on the work, add to it, change it and ultimately, if you like, republish your version of the track. Not all tracks are forkable – you can choose whether or not you want your track to be forkable. You can tell if a track is forkable by the green fork symbol.

What do I need to do to enter the competition? 

You’ve got to drop at least two tracks with us - your #ATLGame track showing your best work and then fork one or more of the producer beats in #tracklanta. Make sure you include the hashtags in your song description! Here’s the page with detailed instructions and forkable beats. 

If you ever need help using BandLab, you can always check out our Help Center here, or drop an email at support@bandlab.com and we’ll find the best way to help you out. 

Using BandLab on the web:

  1. Click the Red Create button at the top right of the screen which will then ask you to choose Let's Make Music, Import Track or Give a Shout
  2. Choose Let's Make Music which will take you to the Mix Editor
  3. You will be prompted with the New Track screen where you will choose what kind of track you want to start:
    • Instruments – Use your computer keyboard to play virtual instruments, or you can connect a MIDI controller too
    • Drum Machine – Create beats and rhythms with our built-in drum machine
    • Voice/Mic – Record via microphone or a connected audio interface
    • Guitar or Bass – Plug in a guitar or bass to use BandLab as an amp - this will require some sort of audio interface or special cable
  4. To start off with vocals, choose Voice/Mic and you can record using the built-in mic on your computer
  5. You'll see input settings, including a volume meter. Hit the red record button at the top of the screen. Speak or sing or snap to test the input
  6. Click the Red Record Button again to stop recording
  7. You can import drum loops or saved files on your computer right into the Mix Editor, simply dragging and dropping the file onto a track.
  8. To save, click the Save button at the top right of the screen. You’ll be prompted to name your song, and whether or not you want to publish the song.
Using the BandLab iOS/Android apps:
  1. Tap on the Red + Button at the bottom of the screen
  2. You will be prompted with the Let's Make Music screen where you can choose what kind of track you want to start with:
    • Import Track – Upload your MP3, M4A or WAV file
    • Voice/Mic – Record any sound via microphone or a connected audio interface
    • MIDI Instruments - Access virtual instruments such as drums, piano, synths, strings, woodwind and many more!
    • Looper – Make dope beats by using our Looper interface. Layer sounds by adding guitars, FX, bass and beats that can be downloaded from our Sound Packs library.
    • Guitar or Bass – Plug in a guitar to use BandLab as an amp – this will require some sort of portable audio interface similar to the BandLab Link Analog Mini.
  3. To start, choose Voice/Mic and you can record using the built-in mic on your phone.
  4. Record something by tapping on the Red Record Button. This will end up being your first track.
  5. Tap the Arrow Down Icon on the top right to bring you back to the track view
  6. To add more tracks, tap the + Icon beneath the first track
  7. You can continue making up to a total of 12 tracks.
  8. To save, tap the Cloud Icon at the top right of the screen. You can choose if you want to Save or Publish.

Here you can name your project, add a description, choose if you want to allow Forks or not and if you want to move the song to a band.

Contest Terms and Conditions

The #ATLgame and A3C - Drumma Boy, A3C - Young Chop, A3C - Tasha Catour, A3C - Needlz, A3C - Bryan-Michael Cox contests, collectively known as The Tracklanta Music Competitions (the “Competition”) is organised by BandLab Singapore Pte Ltd.

  1. Participation in this Competition is subject to the terms and conditions set out herein, the Terms of Use of the Website, and such other rules, regulations and procedures prescribed by BandLab in relation to this Competition. Non-compliance with or breach of any of such terms, conditions, rules, regulations or procedures shall immediately disqualify the participant from participating in the event, and any prizes won shall be forfeited, withheld or withdrawn.
  2. The Competition is open to anyone worldwide, except employees of BandLab, sponsoring companies and their agencies, and their immediate family members. Contestants must be 18 years old and above.
  3. The Competition is open to individuals. By submitting an entry, each participant a) warrants that all his/her personal information provided in the submission is true, correct and complete, and that he/she is not assuming a false identity and b) accepts and agrees to the BandLab Terms & Conditions and BandLab Privacy Policy.
  4. Competition starts on 15 July 2019 (UTC +8). To enter, each participant in the Competition must submit a published revision (Revision) with the appropriate hashtag in the description to the BandLab Community, unless otherwise mandated as in the case of forking contests. Multiple submissions per participant are welcome. Each Revision must comply with the following requirements:
    1. Enter both #ATLgame hashtag contest and chosen A3C producer fork contest(s).
    2. Have the appropriate hashtag in the description and/or be a Forked entry of the appropriate track
  5. Each participant warrants to BandLab that all works used in their submission are (a) original works of the participant, (b) works in the public domain and/or (c) third party owned works which are authorised or licensed for use and reproduction by BandLab in the manner set out in paragraph 14 and elsewhere in these Terms and Conditions. Each submission must clearly and separately indicate the sources of copyrighted materials, if any, used in the creation of the Revision. Participants must clear the rights to use any copyrighted works in their submission. Each participant hereby indemnifies BandLab Technologies and its related companies, officers, directors, employees, agents, representatives, partners (“BandLab Technologies Entities”) against any loss or damages suffered by BandLab and/or any of the BandLab Entities arising from any third party claims against the use of the participant’s submitted Revision.
  6. BandLab reserves the right to reject any submission it deems inappropriate in its sole discretion at any time without informing the participants.
  7. Online submission starts from 15 July 2019, 0000 hrs (UTC +8) and ends on 23 August 2019, 2359 hrs (UTC +8).
  8. A panel of judges from the A3C A&R Team will pick a shortlist of 10 finalists. The participant submitting each winning Revision will be notified via email by or before 1st September 2019.
  9. The Competition prizes for each entry will be: 15 pairs of Conference tickets to the 15th anniversary A3C Festival & Conference, subject to the Terms & Conditions specified by the A3C organization, unless otherwise stated explicitly on the official BandLab Blog. The prizes shall only be paid out to participants who meet all requirements here and elsewhere in the Terms and Conditions. In the event of any claims for copyright infringement against BandLab as a result of the winning Revisions posted to BandLab, BandLab reserves the right in addition to any other available remedies to forfeit the entire prize or to deduct any damages/losses payable from the prize, at its sole discretion.
  10. By entering the Competition, all participants acknowledge that any travel cost(s), expenses or debt incurred in any relation to the A3C Festival & Conference will be borne solely by the participant, incurring no obligations to BandLab or A3C.
  11. All decisions made by BandLab and A3C in relation to this Competition are final and no enquiries, appeals, verbal or written or any other correspondence will be entertained. The participants agree to accept and abide by all decisions made by BandLab.
  12. No obligation will be incurred by BandLab by reason of participation in this Competition or by reason of anything done or omitted to be done by the participants as a result of or on account of this event
  13. Each participant agrees that your personal data may be used by the BandLab Technologies group of companies to send him/her marketing and advertising materials in relation to goods and services of BandLab and its business partners, and for research and analysis. If any participant has any questions relating to BandLab’s collection, use and disclosure of his/her personal data, please contact BandLab’s Data Protection Officer at privacy@bandlab.com.
  14. Each participant hereby irrevocably and unconditionally grants BandLab Technologies all consents and waivers necessary to record, use and publicise the participants’ name and other particulars, photographs, performance, appearance, likeness and/or voice (as the case may be) in any manner as BandLab Technologies shall in its sole discretion deem fit. Each participant acknowledges that BandLab Technologies shall be at liberty to publish and otherwise use any recordings made by the participant, including without limitation telephone recordings, audio recordings, visual recordings and photographs (if any), for promotional and publicity purposes (whether now or in the future) or such other purposes as BandLab Technologies may deem appropriate.
  15. BandLab reserves the right to change, amend or add to these terms and conditions without prior notice. BandLab further reserves the right, without any liability on its part whatsoever, to cancel, postpone, terminate, suspend or in any other way cease this Competition at any time without prior notice.
  16. Each participant expressly acknowledges and agrees that BandLab, its related/affiliated companies and their respective officers, employees and agents shall not be liable to any of the participants for any claim, liability, damages, cost, loss or expense whatsoever or howsoever caused arising directly or indirectly in connection with his/her participation in the Competition, or arising from compliance with these terms and conditions.
  17. These terms and conditions and this event shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Singapore laws.

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