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The Artist Center

@ A3C Conference

Thur, Oct 10 - Sat, Oct 12

A space for artists and music makers to connect, learn and develop their careers



A series of intimate mentorship sessions with industry professionals.

Panels & Workshops

Panels and workshops providing artists with important information, tools and tips to take their career to the next level.

Music Feedback

Play your music for industry professionals and receive feedback on the spot.




Apply to be a Mentor

Do you want to be a mentor at The Artist Center presented by Symphonic Distribution?

Mentors are music industry professionals that have become experts and thought-leaders in their respective field. 

Topics of Interest: Management, Touring, Merchandising, Marketing, Social Media, A&Rs, Record Labels, Booking and Ticket Sales.

Each session is 15-20 minutes with nearly a dozen artists and young professionals.

Mentors are required to donate an hour of their time. They will be listed as official speakers and will receive an A3C conference pass.



Distribution (Re) Defined

Label Services | Marketing | Playlist Promotion


Symphonic Distribution is a 100% independent music distribution and marketing company founded by music producer Jorge Brea in 2006. Headquartered in Tampa, FL and with offices in Brooklyn, New York, Symphonic provides thousands of new and established record labels, managers and individual artists with global digital music distribution to hundreds of retail and streaming platforms, as well as playlist pitching, release promotion, and a comprehensive suite of label services.

Artists and Record Labels that have had their content distributed through Symphonic Distribution include: Bassnectar, deadmau5, Waka Flocka Flame, Datsik, The Movement, Tommie Sunshine, Richie Hawtin, Play Me Records and many more of various genres and music focuses.


We believe that every independent music creator should have access to technology, resources, and knowledge that will improve their chances for success


Through an open and transparent line of communication, continuous development of our platforms, and passion for music and its creators, we will always work hard to be a trusted partner for every music creator to ensure that they are on the same playing field as majors.


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