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Action Summit


It's Bigger Than Hip-Hop

A3C Action Summit connects Activists, Academics and Artists to Discuss social justice challenges, Learn from community leaders and Develop actionable initiatives

Thursday, October 4th

12:00: SHOOK Art Exhibition Curated by Kevin Sipp and John Jennings

1:00: Authentic Brand Activism

1:00: Hellhounds on My Tracks: Gothic Horror, Haunted Music, and African American History 

2:15: Environmental Justice Forum in Collaboration with Atlanta Metropolitan College 

2:30: Mask Off: A Look at Substance Abuse and Mental Health in Hip-Hop

3:00: Accelerator Finalists: Past & Present

3:30: Collaboration x Community x Culture

4:30BO$$-UP: Tools for Young Entrepreneurs Presented by Rap Snacks

5:30: #MightyHealthy: Spiritual, Psychological and Physical Fitness 

5:30: Join the Conversation, Join the Journey - Atlanta’s Civil Rights and Social Justice Journey 

7:00: Entrepreneurism as a Community Builder with Killer Mike

Friday, October 5th

12:00: The Impact of Gun Violence on Black Youth in America

1:00: Off the Wall: The Power of Art to Drive Social Change

2:00: Women's Role in Music + Activism

2:00: Creating Community Conscious Digital Leadership presented by Georgia State University

2:30: The Authenticity of Black Lightning

3:30: Using Innovation to Hack The School-To-Prison Pipeline

3:30: Influencing the Revolution: How Millennials Can Leverage Political Engagement for Change

4:30: Artists, Activists & Academics with Talib Kweli & Trae the Truth

5:50: Everyone Eats Foundation Pop-Up

6:30: Action Accelerator Pitch Night

The 2018 A3C Action Accelerator Finalists will be pitching for $10,000.

Action Accelerator 

The Action Accelerator aims to find, develop, and invest in new, innovative ideas that use art, music and hip-hop culture to advance social justice in underserved communities. 
The creative community has been the heart and soul of social justice movements throughout history. Creatives have brought the struggle for justice and change to life through the arts, and we are proud to honor and carry on their legacy.

A partnership with the Center for Civic Innovation, a civic venture fund that invests in community-driven ideas.
Pitch Night is Friday, Oct 5th at 6:30pm

2018 A3C Action Accelerator Finalists

Hip Hop Mentoring Cypher Sessions: A creative wellness program that uses hip hop to engage teens on issues of critical thinking, emotional wellbeing, and social justice

Words Liive: A technology-powered, music-based literacy program that aims to bring ¾ of the student population in the US to grade-level reading by 2040

Cool Moms Dance Too: Fun, multigenerational fitness and dance classes designed to improve the mental and physical health and connectedness of families

Supreme MCs Rule Hip Hop Expression Program: A music education program that uses hip hop as a gateway to self-discovery and positive coping skills

FlexIn FlexOut: Workshops get youth dancing inside detention and foster care facilities, coupled with programming to continue the mentorship once kids get outside

Pitch Competition

Action Finalists

Action Pitch

2017 Action Finalists

Make Music Count (Atlanta, GA)

The mission of Make Music Count is to increase elementary and secondary students’ mathematical skill development through piano playing and reducing their math anxiety. By incorporating music into each lesson, students become engaged through music while simultaneously learning mathematical concepts.

“I'm most excited to meet and feed off of the energy from the other entrepreneurs at the A3C Action Summit. It's always refreshing to see others fighting the same battles to help out our community.” - Marcus Blackwell, Jr.

Girls Cut Films Too (Atlanta, GA)

Girls Cut Film too is an initiative to train and equip teen girls with the skills needed to be competitive in the film production industry. The program is a Summer Film Institute for Girls that will expose them to various fields within the film industry such as: producer, director, script writer, camera operator and more! 

“I am most excited about this idea that I have had for so long is now closer to becoming reality through A3C Action Summit!” - Ty Woods and Mohua Thakarta

Real Life Poets (Birmingham, AL)

We will implement the Teen Poetry Initiative within a minimum of two of the nineteen Birmingham Public library neighborhood branches and at Real Life Poets community arts hub in the East Lake community.  This allows direct access for middle and high school age youth in Birmingham City Schools, which is 95% African-American. Arts activist and teaching artist training will be facilitated at the Real Life Poets community arts hub which is directly situated in one of Birmingham’s most underserved communities.

“I am excited to meet other organizations and individuals from around the nation using Hip Hop culture to address social justice on all levels of this cultural revolution.” - John Paul Taylor

Breaking The Chains (New York City, NY)

This project would be implemented in New York City at Rikers Island jail. This project will allow for youth within four facilities at Rikers to write around specific themes and be featured in monthly performances during their incarceration. Some of the most genius writers, poets, MCs, etc are incarcerated but lack outlets to express themselves while being refueled and supported by other artists. Creative mentorship and art advocacy not only allows space for expression but is also a springboard to guide young people into other needed discussions and decisions.

"I am excited to network with the other professionals who will be present and are utilizing their creative platforms to improve the conditions of their respective communities and also assist those who have chosen this path. This is an opportunity to learn and also strengthen the national ties to progressively evolve and expand outreach." - Messiah Ramkissoon

Media Rhythm Institute (Baltimore, MD)

The goals and mission of Media Rhythm Institute to encourage, promote entrepreneurial thinking and empower youth to expand their knowledge of the media industry through research and hands-on documentary projects. Our goal is to inspire young people to pursue a career in the media profession and also improve their quality of life by offering encouragement and exposure to positive opportunities. 

"A3C is like a family reunion. This is a new family we're meeting on the community advocate side. We're excited about maximizing our network and scaling MRI up with other change agents." - Deverick Murray

Thanks to our sponsors Mailchimp and ChooseATL!

2016 A3C Action Finalists

We received over 140 applications from more than 25 states.  

Armed Services Arts Partnership - ASAP (Arlington, VA) empowers veterans and their communities with purpose and healing to have a voice in their communities through a stand-up comedy boot camp.

Creative Core (Washington, DC) offers a fellowship program for youth who are in school, have dropped out, or are court-involved to prepare and place them as support staff in creative businesses with a focus in the arts, music, and hip-hop industries.

[People's Choice] Girls Make Beats (Miami Lakes, FL) teaches young girls music production, DJing, and audio engineering through an after school program at a state of the art recording studio. They mentor and nurture girls to have their voice heard, and create future career opportunities for participants.

Notes for Notes (Atlanta, GA) equips, staffs, and runs free recording studios, providing music education and mentorship for youth for 160 members in a censor-free environment.

re:Imagine/ATL (Atlanta, GA) is equipping media’s next generation of storytellers,  working with teens of different backgrounds across Atlanta to collaborate on video and music productions in and out of school.

[Runner Up] Shooting Without Bullets (Cleveland, OH) is a revolutionary youth advocacy and fine arts education program that focuses on identity development in black teens in Cleveland through photovoice, expressive arts healing, and open dialogue.

[Winner] The Village of Arts and Humanities (Philadelphia, PA) offers a paid internship and media-centered makerspace that positions youth as experts on issues impacting them, while providing a platform to process and amplify their narratives, experiences, and voices. 

Thanks to our sponsors Mailchimp and ChooseATL!

2015 Action Finalists

We recieved over 75 applications from more than 15 states

Creative Core (Washington, DC) offers a fellowship program for youth who are in school, have dropped out, or are court-involved to prepare and place them as support staff in creative businesses with a focus in the arts, music, and hip-hop industries.

303 Community Coalition, INC. (Atlanta, GA) Create a short film about gentrification vs. resident upgrading, using narratives from residents containing all five elements of hip-hop.

[Winner] Chop Art (Atlanta, GA) Empower homeless youth through art by providing a two week arts summer camp focused on the holistic immersion of music, theater and dance. 

Media In Neighborhoods Group (Philadelphia, PA) Prisoners, police, prosecutors, judges, at-risk youth create short documentaries about each other to increase humanity and understanding.

ourtime.org (Washington, DC) One of the nation’s largest non-profit organizations committed to increasing the voter participation of young Americans.

Poem Over Pistol Program (Atlanta, GA) The P.O.P Program is a Life Skills Program that teaches Youth how to redirect their negative emotions into a rap, poem, song or short story.