October 5-9, 2016

Atlanta, GA

Loudermilk Center & SAE Institute

Music · Technology · Culture

A3C Conference is a must-attend event and invaluable networking experience for anyone in Hip-Hop.  The Conference Center and Pro-Audio Center host over 300 speakers and hundreds of industry influencers from leading companies, brands and organizations.

Featured Speakers

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Companies & Organizations Represented

Native Instruments
Complex Media
Atlantic Records
Swisher Sweets
Warner Music Group
Under Armour
Fitzgerald & Co
Major League Baseball
Morehouse College
Dash Radio
Interscope Records
Merch Cat
AM Only
Mitchell & Ness
Dillard University
DJ Scratch Academy
Epic Records
AB+L Radio
Dash Radio

Conference Center

The A3C Conference is an unparalleled opportunity to connect and learn from Hip-Hop influencers, artists, organizations, and music industry experts.  The conference programming includes: live interviews, presentations, panels, workshops, mixers, mentor sessions and events intended to provide attendees with an invaluable experience, useful insight and lasting connections. 

Pro Audio

The Pro-Audio center is an audiophile’s dream.  Attendees are able to network with some of Hip-Hop’s most influential music makers.  The pro-audio programming includes: workshops, demos, panels, showcases, live interviews and mentor sessions.  This intimate and interactive experience is tailored for producers, audio engineers, songwriters and DJs that want to have a career in music. 

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A3C Conference Schedule

 Wed, Oct 5Thu, Oct 6Fri, Oct 7Sat, Oct 8Sun, Oct 9
Conference CenterLoudermilk Center 10a - 8p 10a - 8p 10a - 8p - -
Pro AudioSAE Atlanta     11a - 8p 11a - 8p  

* full conference session schedule & speakers coming soon*

Tracks & Themes


There is much more to the music business than selling music.  Make money while making music is more than selling albums, downloads and streaming.  But before you can make $1, you have to make great music and connect with people.


Techonolgy is integrated into every aspect of our lives. New technologies impact how we communicate, create, connect, consume and discover. Understand how to utlize the technology around you and what it takes to become a player in the tech space.


Hip-Hop is more than music. Hip-Hop penetrates all aspects of life and is quantifiably the most influencial lifestyle in the world. Now, over 40 years old, we look at Hip-Hop's past, present and future.


Streaming services, big data and social media have transformed music discovery. What is the future of artist discovery and what are the tools artists can use to "be discovered."

Music Business

Navegating the new music landscape by effectively monetize your music, brand and more. Put your music to work with publishing and licensing deals, but make sure you know your rights first.


Content rules everything around me. Now that everyone is a content creator it is inparative to understand the fast-moving envireonment of content creation, distribution and monetiztion. Tune In, Follow Us, RT and Share This!


Manage the music industry on your own. The tools and resources for artists to successfully navigate the music industry are readily available. Do more for yourself, by yourself.

Marketing & Engagement

Artists are a brand and require a marketing strategy. In some respects, connecting with fans and building a community has never been easier, but many challenges still exist. Where, when and how artists reach fans is changing at the speed of technology.

Shows, Touring & Festivals

Where the rubber meets the road. Live performances are not just about selling tickets, but an opportunity to be creative, connect with fans, generate revenue and engage brands.

Social Impact

It's bigger than Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop has always been an engine for social change, but how can we effectively use art, music and hip-hop culture as an instrument for social justice and civic engagement. Less moments, more movements.

Making Music & Pro-Audio

Studios, pro-tools, MPCs, instruments and apps. How and where we make music and collaborate is forever changing. Technology is enabling creativity on-the-go, simplifying collaboration and reinventing discovery. Are you using the latest tools available or sticking to the basics?

Who Should Attend?

Hip-Hop heads and patrons 

Are immersed in Hip-Hop culture, music and art. Meet legends, discover your next favorite artist and enjoy Hip-Hop. 

Artists, producers, engineers and DJs

Learn from veterans and connect with the next generation of collaborators.

Music industry 

Engage with peers, discover the newest trends and prepare for the future of the music business.

Media and content creators

Come to produce compelling content.


Connect and create with like-minded individuals.

Entrepreneurs & start-ups

Build your network and learn from music tech and business leaders. 

Brand managers & marketing professionals

Keep their finger on the pulse and engage influences.


Get your career started.  Meet people, learn something and find opportunities. 

Why Attend?

Mixer and meet-Ups

create dedicated places and times for networking and a deeper discussion 


provide great information and wisdom from industry experts

Live interviews

From some of the most iconic artists and influencers in Hip-Hop are entertaining and insightful

Presentations and demos

Give leading music, tech and start-up companies an opportunity to reach and engage a targeted audience


Dedicated spaces for speakers, media, partners and VIP to connect and hang out

Special events

Produced to highten the experience for distinct groups of attendees


Make the experience truly unforgettable


Involve conversations between some of Hip-Hop's most iconic figures

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VIP Pass

Best for industry professionals, uber-fans and anyone looking to connect with iconic artists and industry influencers.

VIP attendees receive exclusive access, private events, food & drinks, swag and additional amenities.

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Festival + Conference Pass

Best for music lovers and industry professionals that want to fully engage with the hip-hop culture as well as learn and network.

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Festival Pass

Best for hip-hop fans that want to experience the festival grounds as well as the shows and events over 5 days, but don’t mind skipping most of networking and learning opportunities.

  • 75+ Shows & Events over 5-Days
  • 3-Days of Festival Grounds 
  • 1,000+ Performances
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Conference Pass

Best for music industry, entrepreneurs, institutions and organizations that want to learn, connect and network, but don’t mind skipping the festival grounds, shows and events.

  • 80+ Sessions, Panels, Interviews, Meet-Ups and Workshops
  • 3-Days of Conference Center & 2-Days of Pro-Audio Center
  • 300+ Speakers
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"A3C is a hip-hop institution and annual gathering of like-minded individuals."
Rolling Out
“I really love what this conference represents. I love that most of the people that you see are business minded, it’s inspiring.”
Bun B
"It’s one of the best conferences doin’ it.”
Young Guru
"The event is a must for any budding producer looking to make their mark. The educational and networking opportunities are unparalleled."

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