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Thursday, Oct 4, 10:00 PM - 2:00 AM
Age: 21+
Door Price: $20
(free entry with a 5-day Pass or Executive Pass)
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Tasty Vibes

Taste Creators is teaming up with Positive Vibe Ent. once again to curate our second official stage at the A3C Festival. Reflecting the name of the event, you are bound to catch some #TastyVibes. The line up features eight artists, all creating their own waves in their own ways. Headlining the show is Jag, who just released his "2700" project which features Ty Dolla Sign, Trey Songz and more. We're following that up with Kelechi, who recently sold out his own headlining show in Atlanta. The line up also features Hustle Gang's own, Translee, who recently dropped his "Freedom Summer" EP which is filled with organic sounds and old-school samples. Having Jayy Grams on the line up is a treat and this time he's bringing along his new group, LOWFI. Also on our stage is singer/songwriter, Suzanne Sheer, who has featured on tracks with Wiz Khalifa and just released her first solo single, "Conditioned". Also joining us is Pittsburg's own, Goldsmith who just racked up over 1 million well deserved streams and climbing. Bringing more relaxed vibes we have K Camp's artist, True Story Gee, and Miami songstress, Dyna Edyne who was featured on Trina’s “Dynasty 6″ EP. A3C is in for a real treat.