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Thursday, Oct 5, 9:00 PM - 1:00 AM
Age: 21+
Door Price: $10
(free entry with an A3C or Executive Pass)
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Tasty Vibes

The "Tasty Vibes" showcase is curated by Brianna "BreezyB" DeMayo of Taste Creators and Jay Holz of Positive Vibe. TasteCreators was just considered one of the "top 100 hip-hop blogs" and prides themselves on showing love to the indie artist who's just as good as the mainstream artists. Positive Vibe is a creative talent agency based out of Baltimore, MD. In addition to working with talented artists such as K. Camp and Tate Kobang, Positive Vibe also curates different events from music showcases, to clothing drives and more. Together, these brands are here to bring you both amazing music and great vibes. This inaugural A3C showcase is destined to make a strong first impression on the renowned music festival and conference. Fans can expect great music, continuous good energy and an A3C showcase they won't forget.