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Wednesday, Oct 3, 9:30 PM - 12:00 AM
Plaza Theatre
Age: All Ages
Door Price: 12
(free entry with a 5-day Pass or Executive Pass)
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Movie Screening "Five Deadly Venoms" | Wu-Tang Week at the Plaza Theatre

The historic Plaza Theatre will be hosting a week of Wu-Tang themed movie screenings featuring some of Wu-Tang Clan’s favorite films and biggest inspiration as well as movies featuring Method Man or scored by RZA.

Screenings start each night at 9:30pm between Monday, Oct 1 through Friday, Oct 5 and are $12 or free with a WuTangATL, Executive or 5-Day pass.

Monday, Oct 1 = Kill Bill Vol 1
Tuesday, Oct 2 = Five Deadly Venoms
Wednesday, Oct 3 = King Boxer
Thursday, Oct 4 = Ghost Dog
Friday, Oct 5 = How High
Founded in 1939, the Plaza Theatre is an Atlanta landmark and the city’s longest continuously operating movie theatre.

Ghostface explains “The World According to Pretty Toney"

A3C presents a private screening on Fri, Oct 5 with an open bar featuring Sweetwater’s new IPA, G-13. Only accessible with a WuTangATL or Executive pass.

Following the screening we will host an intimate Q&A with Ghostface Killah as he fields questions from the audience and explains “The World According to Pretty Toney.”