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Wednesday, Oct 4, 11:50 PM - 2:15 AM
Aisle 5
Age: 18+
Door Price: $20
(free entry with an A3C or Executive Pass)
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The #GRYNDFEST With BhramaBull , DinnerLand and The Sound Gallery is Back Again at A3C! With The tandem of promotions, Content Creators , Curators , Media and underground waves on the top of their Game, Hailing from the Heart of the Tri-State all the way to Southern California. We Bring You Another Installment of the true underground of Hiphop! Now with the addition of Dash Radio and XXL in The Mix & the hit Underground podcast #Gryndfestradio Powered By The Earplugs! We have brought you the top of the future of Hiphop! With the top comeup companies combined in one dope show!