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Wednesday, Oct 3, 9:00 PM - 1:00 AM
Age: 21+
Door Price: $10
(free entry with a 5-day Pass or Executive Pass)
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Carolina Waves

Tucked away from the bright lights and ever-present media machines of New York and LA, and flying under the radar of the hit factory that is Atlanta -- North Carolina is an unlikely incubator for rap’s best and brightest stars. A market where stage presence and bars mean more than social media numbers, the Tarheel State is quietly shaping hip hop culture, from its plethora of music festivals, to current icons like J. Cole, Rapsody meteoric, Phonte, and King Mez getting nominated for Grammys and making it known where they’re from.

The artists from NC that are making headlines are not just talented people from an obscure locality, they’re the cream that’s starting to rise to the top, and there’s so much more where that came from. On Wednesday, October 3, NC’s best up and coming hip hop and R&B acts take over A3C, presented Carolina Waves - Tigo B, MMG’s RAIN910, Jooselord, 3AMSOUND, Jamla Records' Reuben Vincent, Imani Pressley, Young Bull, and Skizy. Hosted/ Curated by K97.5’s (Radio One Raleigh) Mir.I.Am. Sounds DJ Wade Banner & DJ RNB.