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Thursday, Oct 4, 10:00 PM - 2:00 AM
Deep End
Age: 21+
Door Price: TBD
(free entry with a 5-day Pass or Executive Pass)
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808s And Chill: An Old Atlanta Dance Party

If you missed RnB And Chill 3PEAT, It’s the HIP-HOP edition!!!

A dance party with some hip-hop performances :D

Slideeee pop, lean wit it rock, everybody stop, & do the bunny hop. And if you don't know how then watch her do itttt. We love the new Atlanta sounds of Lil Baby & 21 Savage but let's take it back to the Golden Glide lock-ins, Skate Town teen club, and Cascade Sundays.

The clubbing days of Obsessions, Figure 8, the snap & crank dat days, and even the black boy white boy stupid fruity swag era.

The best of Old Atlanta from Ludacris's "Chicken & Beer" days to Future's "Dirty Sprite." Let's relive our childhood of Youtube dance crazes, just for one night!

LIVE covers of your favorite throwback songs from your favorite upcoming acts.

Don't forget to pull out your best jersey dress & FILAs & enjoy the Best hits out of Atlanta from 2000-2014.

Spins by DJ Makaveli

Hosted by Hermshock & Lyric The Nudist

Free Parking in the vicinity (About 50 spaces.) For a later arrival, Uber/Lyft is suggested.

Must have ticket shown at the door.

Food + Drinks available.


FREE all night with A3C PASS