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Action Summit
Friday, Oct 6
3:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Action Summit, Heritage Education Center
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Goodie Ideation x A3C: Hack The Violence

Goodie Ideation x A3C: Hack The Violence is a creative workshop where talented and passionate people generative innovative ideas using hip-hop culture and technology to help ex-offenders transitioning from prison. Based on design thinking, participants will be led through a series of design sprints to identify users, diagnose problems, and develop features leveraging emerging technologies before presenting to judges in a Shark Tank-like style format. Participants will walk away with a really cool tech idea, and the top team will gain automatic entry into Goodie Nation’s Hack The Violence Pre-Accelerator where volunteer designers, developers, digital marketers, web and graphic designers will turn their idea into a working product and also give them a logo, website, marketing plan, and revenue model. No coding experience is needed. The Action Summit is FREE with RSVP: https://www.a3cfestival.com/action-summit