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Action Summit
Thursday, Oct 5
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Action Summit, Heritage Education Center
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DIY Action: Create Your Own Zine

We provide the art supplies, you bring your passion and creativity! Join us for a fun do-it-yourself zine workshop over conscious conversation. A zine is similar to a magazine but anyone can make them and they can be about anything! Usually a zine consists of collage art, poetry, and illustrations (to name a few) on a subject that the creator is interested in. It can then be photocopied and distributed. Because they are self-published by the writer/artist, zines are primarily a mode of self-expression and not seeking financial gain. The most important aspect of a zine is its ability to provide a platform for those voices unheard in our society and to shine a light on subjects that would otherwise be in the shadows. The Action Summit is FREE with RSVP: