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Music Tech
Thursday, Oct 5
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Loudermilk Center, Toyota Music Ballroom
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Building Atlanta's Music Tech Ecosystem

Atlanta is quickly becoming a tech hub. The city is already a leader in select tech sectors (ie. Fintech), but Atlanta is perfectly positioned to become the global leader in music tech. Atlanta has the schools, infrastructure, music industry, artists, creatives and culture to become the world leader in music tech... but how does that happen? Atlanta's Allan Nance (entrepreneur/investor), Dallas Austin (entrepreneur/record producer) and Jewel Burks (entrepreneur) will be discussing how to build Atlanta's music tech ecosystem with Holly Beilin (Hypepotamus). Music Tech Experience (MTX) at A3C Conference will convert the Loudermilk Ballroom into a hybrid exhibitor space + conference room on Thursday, Oct 5th. MTX will connect music tech startups, end-users and music industry leaders to spark innovation and partnerships