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Music Tech

Wed, Oct 3 - Fri, Oct 5

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Music Startups & Entrepreneurs

Hip-Hop, Music and Tech Converge

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The Future of Music Tech

Wed, Oct 3rd @ Loudermilk Center

A series of panels, presentations and events highlighting some of the pioneers behind the most innovative tech companies at the forefront of the music industry. Learn about the disruptive technology changing how music is created, shared, discovered, marketed and monetized. 

The Future of Creating & Collaborating

New apps, software and hardware are dramatically changing the way music is being created. Music makers are able to manipulate sounds in new and unique ways. They can create without limitations from anywhere or while on-the-go. Artist and producers are also able to connect and collaborate like never before. We’re in an exciting time for music makers and it’s essential to understand the new tools and technology available and on the horizon.

The Future of Sharing & Discovery

The internet and streaming services have irreversibly changed the music industry. Artists are able to access more consumer with fewer barriers than ever before. Longstanding, traditional marketing and artist discovery methods are a thing of the past. Technology is disrupting the artist discovery process and transforming sharing into a science. It is essential for anyone in the music business to understand the new landscape of music sharing and artist discovery.

The Future of Data

Streaming services and social media has put data at the center of the music business, and data has become the most valuable asset. Music makers and the music industry have access to mounds of data on their fans and consumers. Collecting, analyzing and monetizing data are going to be some of the most important issues confronting the music business. Data literacy is going to separate the haves and have nots.

The Future of Distribution & Monetization

Gone are the days of the obligatory 360 deal and signing away your masters. Making money in the music business has changed dramatically over the past decade and distribution companies have been on the front lines. The music industry is experiencing a lot of innovation and development from distribution companies as they continue to evolve, improve and expand on data collection and analysis, playlist and marketing support, collecting and paying royalties, accounting and more.


Find and elevate innovative tech startups that impact how music is being created, shared, discovered, marketed and monetized.

Applications are open until August 1st at 10:00pm EST

5 music tech startups will be invited to showcase their companies to a panel of music industry veterans and hip-hop icons. Selected startups will also participate in a multi-day experience connecting them with Atlanta’s tech community, music industry, artists and producers.

A3C launched the Startup Spotlight to help build Atlanta’s music tech community. A3C Festival & Conference has become an essential annual gathering for the music tech and hip-hop communities to network and build together. Atlanta is already the cultural capital for hip-hop artists and creatives, and the city has a strong and rapidly growing tech sector. A3C is committed to building a music tech community around the already vibrant hip-hop community.

Hip-Hop is the most important, influential and often largest user-base for many music tech startups. Hip-Hop artists are early adopters and frequently the most active and engaged community on most social and music platforms.

2017 Startups Include: Record Gram, Jammber, The UpNext, BrandSnap & RapChat




Conversation TechStars

Mentorship Sessions

There are more than 8 different themed mentorship sessions at A3C Conference.

Each session will enable attendees to spend 8 minutes 1-on-1 with an industry professional. To attend a mentorship session you must:

1) Have access to the A3C Conference with an Executive, 5-Day or Conference pass

2) Apply to attend the specific mentorship session

  • Publicity
  • Startup & Entrepreneur
  • Producer
  • Women
  • Managers / A&Rs
  • Record Label
  • Lawyer
  • Promoters / Booking Agents

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Conference Tracks

Artist Accelerator

Artists & Managers

Artists connect with music industry innovators and icons to learn tips, trends and tools needed to take their career to the next level.

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Beatstars Summit

Producers & Beatmakers

Music producers network with peers and experiment with the newest hardware, software and technology.

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Record Labels & Music Companies

Record labels and music companies on the forefront of the music industry connect to discuss tech, trends and cultivate growth.

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Music Tech

Startups & Entrepreneurs

Meet innovators and discover disruptive technology impacting how music makers share, create, market and monetize music. 

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Creator Complex

A one day experience that connects artists and producers with creative professionals to create valuable digital assets for free.

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Access to A3C Festival & Conference events from October 8-13


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