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Beatstars Summit
Thursday, Oct 5
1:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Loudermilk Center, The Studio
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Zaytoven Keys Kamp

Zaytoven Keys Kamp is designed to give emerging producers & artists insight & resourceful information in the world of music & entertainment by tapping industry professionals with proven track records. Our goal is to educate & inspire those people who are serious about their careers & are ready to elevate to the next level. Digital "Ro" Dope: Building and Finding your team and foundation. Managing Producers,Artists and Djs101. Project Management and Booking Techniques. Tamiko: The importance of grassroots marketing, brand alignment & creating opportunities. Al Nuke: The importance of Self motivated and Self sufficient ... film writing, directing and distribution Dj RootsQueen: Investing in your project so it's presentable and ready to go for club and radio play. Meaning good graphics, professional mixing and mastering, and marketing goals. Also, if your project is missing these things, being willing and able to package it the right way so it's ready. Cassius Jay: How to get started and make money in the industry. Branding x Marketing x Beat Techniques Dj Showtime: The Importance of the Artist and DJ Relationship Zaytoven: Insights and Pro Tips Hosted By the Table Mannerz Djs Familiar Territory / Motown / Capital