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Music Tech
Thursday, Oct 5
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Loudermilk Center, Toyota Music Ballroom
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Music Tech Experience Kickoff Brunch hosted by Startup Atlanta

Music Tech Experience (MTX) converts the Loudermilk Center Ballroom into a hybrid exhibitor space + conference room on Thursday, October 5th from 11am - 8:30pm. The kickoff brunch gathers the music tech community before we start the series of mixers, panels, presentations, demos and conversations featuring some of the most innovative and influential people in music tech. Meet and learn from those behind the most innovative advances in music apps, streaming, VR, AR, hardware, data analytics, and software. Startup Atlanta is a community non-profit focused on growing and connecting the local startup ecosystem. We host events, bring startup and regional leaders together, support policies friendly to innovation and entrepreneurs and promote corporate involvement with the local ecosystem. In association with Fuel Concept House