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Artist Accelerator
Beatstars Summit
Thursday, Oct 5
4:30 PM - 5:15 PM
Loudermilk Center, The Lab
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Music Entrepreneurship Club: Presentation + Q&A

There are many educational resources out there for the modern music industry. A great deal of those resources available are not as helpful as they could be because they are filled with information that is outdated, is not applicable to your individual situation, or is cluttered with too much of what you do not currently need. The industry is constantly changing so we need a platform that can keep up with all the new developments. The Music Entrepreneur Club is a new live, online platform to get valuable music and entrepreneur information from established professionals. Every week there is a live lecture and Q&A session held via webcam and conference call. We cover all the topics that an artist needs to know, from merchandise and touring, to management and publishing and everything in between. Join this session to learn more about the MEC and how you can be a part of what will be an essential artist education community.