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Artist Accelerator
Beatstars Summit
Music Tech
Thursday, Oct 5
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Loudermilk Center, Toyota Music Ballroom
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Monetizing Mounds of Data from Streaming Music

Steaming has completely changed the music business, and we're now entering the golden age of music. There is money and valuable data flowing back into the industry and artists have more power than ever. Music industry titans, Lars Murray (SVP Strategic Partnerships of Pandora) and Jason Geter (Culture Republic) will be discussing what data is captured by streaming companies and how artists can use that data to make money. Artists can and should be using streaming data to sell tickets, merchandise, music, and mush more. Pandora is committed to helping artists connect with fans and grow their career. Pandora AMP provides powerful tools and resources to enrich your career.