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Music Tech
Thursday, Oct 5, 11:30 AM
Room One

A Creative Interface: Hip-Hop + Tech presented by WeWork

Hear from a panel of Industry Insiders who utilize WeWork for their business. Gain valuable insight on how hip hop and technology meet and interact. This panel will cover how technology has disrupted hip hop and the music industry alike, and what are the best ways musicians can take advantage of this shift. - Disruption: How technology has disrupted the music industry (Exposure / Distribution) Streaming: Streaming just became the leading source of income for music sales. What does that mean for Radio? - Going Viral: The strategy behind marketing yourself, and how to capitalize if you are lucky to make a viral hit. - DIY vs Label?: How feasible is it to truly do it yourself/be an independent artist even with the help of Streaming Sites and Social Media - Monetization: What are some of the best ways to get paid as an artist? - Connecting/Collaboration: Why it is important to network, and connect with fellow artists.