Rhymes and Designs

R&D is a creative collective and streetwear label that focuses on passion and self-expression using creative platforms to promote Creative Artists. R&D collabs and promotes unique, creative Artists. We represent the art that is hidden behind the bars of a slick rappers’ flow; the art on the tip of a painters’ brush stroke; the art supporting the weight of the poet’s heart; the art saved to the hard drive of a graphic designer. R&D supports artists and individuals that have one substance in common, PASSION.  To make world changing discoveries, it usually takes many experiments. R&D discovers each artists, like a new chemical element. We research their work and talents and throw them with other artists to create something pretty dope. We have no chemistry background, but usually when you mix dope art with dope art, you get dope art like you never seen before. R&D provides artists with a platform to display their unique pieces, and gives the fans a way to connect with the creators of their favoriteART.  R&D sees you up late at night preparing for that dream job and you over there up early trying to finish that business plan. R&D knows that last summer you were painting everyday with no vacations (in the words of Kanye, 5 beats a day for 3 summers…). R&D hears the cleverness of your rhymes and the thoughtfulness of your messages. R&D feels your heartbeat in each and every one of your pieces. R&D sees that you are ready to live your dreams and passions, but are you ready to create and support some pretty dope art made through CHEMISTRY?


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