ProStar Media Group


ProStar Media Group is a record label, management, music publishing and entertainment company founded in 2012 by Producer/Entrepreneur Erasmus “Juan Hundred” Gotay IV and Raymond Walker. Erasmus had studied Radio, TV, Film and Public Relations at Clark-Atlanta University in 2000 where he developed his passion for the arts and business. Raymond Walker an avid music listener had developed respect and admiration as the “Big Bro” to younger local artists throughout the East Coast from Rhode Island to North Carolina. He aided the artists in being recognized by DJ’s across the state because of his extensive background in the club and promotion scene. Together Erasmus with his many aliases i.e. “Juan Hundred”, “Pito”, “Texas P” and “Big Bro” now known as “Big Ray” formulated ProStar Media Group, LLC. Their hopes are to bring National and International attention to the smallest state with the biggest name, The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Both having a common stomping ground “Lenox Ave” in the Southside of Providence they decided to make Providence known as “ProStar, Rhode Island” from then on forward. They proclaim that Providence is the next big “little” city to take over the industry with talent. ProStar is at the forefront of this next wave of International Stardom and has a great jumpstart into the Industry with rap Artist M3(HipHop) and Singer/Songwriter Maryann V (Pop, R&B…)