Flyin Colors

Vision: Our vision? To assimilate the different tastes of urbanites alike, in a common place for the crowd, importantly with an urban music gathering experience.

Celebration:  Flyin’ Colors celebrates the re-birth and the timeless vintage sounds of the current / new hip hop culture, with the past, present and the future. We do it through events, fashion and arts.

Who are we: Formed by one male and one female, this team has the oddest characters resided in them. He’s a Javanese DJ who spends most of his time on Craigslist searching for vintage Ralph Laurens, logs onto NahRight, and reading books on financial wealth management; while she’s a fan of Adult Swim and bad humor, digs for deadstock products specifically electronics, willing to spend $100 on a meal and confuses every human being with geek talk  - Flyin’ Colors has every right to define cross promoting of niche cultures from both sides of the globe.

As you can see, the foundation of Flyin’ Colors is coincidentally built on the excitement of sharing both of these tastemakers’ interests from their travels of music, fashion and technology, the team never forgets its one habitual activity – and that is to provide business opportunities for alternative musicians, fashion enthusiasts and tech geeks, through their networks and affiliations all across the globe.