Chase Lawyers

ChaseLawyers was founded in 1996 and has been exclusively serving the
entertainment community ever since. From the beginning, the firm’s philosophy has been that people making their living in the entertainment arts deserve the best possible legal service without having to “break the bank.”

Over the years, our clients in the music field have included composers and artists, producers, record companies, publishers, managers and promoters. Our approach to each client is highly individualistic. We never take a “cookie-cutter” approach to a client’s particular situation, because each situation, like each artist’s work, is a little bit different from everybody else. We have always been devoted to educating the client in how the law can help them maximize their revenue streams.

Without exception, our clients tell us that they walk out of each encounter with us understanding more about the complicated music business than when they walked in.

Our principal attorney, Barry Chase, is an honor’s graduate of both Yale College and Harvard Law School. He was on the front lines of music-rights matters when he was Vice President of a national Television Network. Our attorney Gregory Bloom has years of experience dealing in rap music and is able to bring that knowledge to bear when he advises our clients on their own careers.

While the firm is located in Miami, Florida (we have reggaeton clients, too!), our client base is national and international, including artists and companies in Europe and Latin America as well as throughout the United States and Canada.