A3C 2012 Panel Discussions

Don’t miss the opportunity to get educated at one of A3C’s two dozen panels covering music topics such as marketing, publishing, production, media, touring, legal and more. A few of the confirmed panelists include industry professionals such as DJ Burn One, Wendy Day of Rap Coalition, Ray Daniels of R.A.Y.D.A.R. Ent., Steve Collins (Music & Film Clearance, Warner Brothers Ent.), Grammy-nominated producer Willy Will, Shawn Barron (Director of A&R, Atlantic Records), DJ Smallz and WillPower of SupaHotBeats.

For more info on panelists, check out the links below.


The League of Young Voters Education Fund Presents: #Ignite2012: Hotlanta

Hip-Hop & Politics

October 11th | 2:45-4:15 | Jakprints Stage

In one month, voters will go to the polls to choose our next president. But for undecided or new voters, it can be impossible to find honest, open, unbiased analysis of the candidates, the platforms, and the state of American politics today. Join the League of Young Voters and a panel of today’s hottest artists and activists for an interactive, no-holds-barred discussion of all the issues facing urban America. From youth unemployment [...]


Festiquette – How to get the most out of a Conference/Festival

October 11th | 1-2:30 | Jakprints Stage

We are all music fans at heart, but as a musician or someone that hopes to get their foot in the door in the industry, music conferences and festivals provide a vital opportunity to network with industry vets that an artist who lives outside of  New York/ Los Angeles/Atlanta wouldn’t have access to otherwise. As a musician, apart from networking, it’s a valuable opportunity to expose new markets and most importantly create die hard fans who [...]


“Road Rules” Touring

Microphone Check: 50 States & Beyond

October 11th| 4:30-6:00 | Jakprints Stage

The road can be a vital part of an artists revenue stream. Get pointed in the right direction on decisions like whether to hire a separate tour manager, how, when and where to book shows and suggestions for touring abroad.

Panelists: Sarah West (moderator), Backbone (Dungeon Family), Coach K, Dominique Maldonado, Marcos “Rip” Rippy (Hoodrich), Rico Brooks, Nick Love, Skyzoo, King Chip


“What’s The Hook?” Marketing/Branding

Oh.. I See What You Did There!

October 11th | 4:30-6:00 | Heaven

DMX had his dogs and Kanye was the dropout, sometimes a gimmick makes you memorable. Receive pointers on finding your niche.

Panelists: That Retail Chick (moderator), Shawn Barron (Atlantic Records), Tiffany Hardin (Gild Creative Group), Tola Lawal (BET/SixOne7 Creative), Mike Walbert (SMKA), Neil Caesar (Digiwax), Dan Friedman (VP of Publicity, Audible Treats), Jeff Sledge (The Poplife Podcast/Consultant for UMG), Kna Knook (The Stewart Brand)


“The Balance” Discussion on Mixtapes

Knowing your value and getting the most out of it.

October 11th | 4:30-6:00 | Criminal Records

The Internet has provided artists with the opportunity to connect and share their music with fans all over the world. But in an oversaturated market, how do you separate yourself from the herd with your music?

Panelists: Randy Roper (Million Dollar Dreamz), Honorable C-Note, DJ Smallz, DJ Burn One, A-King (PNC Radio), Tef Poe, Mike Repel (Reformatory Records/Repel Music Distribution), DJ Spinz, DJ Chuck T


“I Rock A Mic But Don’t Rap” Print/Digital Media

Baby, You Can Google Me!

October 11th | 6:00-7:30 | Highland Ballroom

In this digital era, there are endless opportunities to make your music heard but how do you get music in the hands (or inboxes) of the media? Get a pulse on the Hip Hop journalism industry.

Panelists: The Company Man (moderator), Dallas Penn, Lowkey (YouHeardThatNew), DJ Z (DJBooth.net), Manny Faces (Birthplace Magazine), Tai Saint Louis, David Mays (Hip Hop Weekly), Julia Beverly (O-Zone), Maurice Garland



NARIP Presents: Managing Money In Hip-Hop


A real discussion about money management and business professionalism in hip hop, hosted by NARIP.

October 12th | 12:30-2:00 | Jakprints Stage

While making music is an art, making MONEY with music is a process. The key to having a career in music is understanding how money circulates within the music industry. If you’re not earning money, then it’s just a hobby! The artist, manager, producer, promoter, label, booking agent, distributor and merch dealer all have to get paid, but where does the money [...]

Regional US Map

“Does Regional Sound Still Exist?”

Blurring the Line

October 12th | 1:30-3:00 | Criminal Records

From Bay Area hyphy to Texas chopped and screwed, this panel begs the question does regional sound still exist and what is next?

Panelists: Dom Brady (Abenghorn Media Productions) (moderator), Erin Lowers (Bad-Perm.com), Curtis Harris (Atlantic Records/From Scratch Music Group), Yomi Desalu, DJ Toomp, Torae, Tef Poe (Overdose Ent.), Osiris (Swurv Radio), DJ Montay (Big Oomp Records), Lyric Jones

Rags to Riches

“Rags to Riches” Streetwear Entrepreneurship

Since the days of Cross Colours and Karl Kani…

October 12th | 2:15-3:45| Jakprints Stage

Fashion is a critical component of Hip Hop culture, but how do ideas transform into a reality? Gain insight on the development process and tips from burgeoning entrepreneurs.

Panelists: Olori Swank (Moderator), Tunde (Fresh.I.AM), Premium Pete (SneakerTube.TV), Chilly-O, Slow and Bucks (SlowBucks.TV), Charles Shepard (Famous Nobody), Joshua Johnson (Flud Watches/Spksmen/L2BF), Blair Caffey (Honor Roll Clothing Group), SetFree Richardson


“The DMCA Took My Baby Away” DMCA discussion

Dispelling the Bogeyman

October 12th | 2:00-3:30 | Wonder Root

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) hugely impacts artists’ online presence. Get a solid understanding of the law and how to protect yourself.

Panelists: Josh Kamen, Esq. (moderator), Barry Chase, Esq.,  Nathan Slavik (Refined Hype),  Michael Hogenmiller (Cheri Media), David Barbe (UGA)


“Run That Back” Engineer Panel presented by SAE Institute


The Silent Partner

October 12th | 1:30 pm-3:00 pm | Guitar Center Stage

A good engineer is essential to a good record. Established professionals discuss current industry challenges and offer pointers.

Panelists: Young Guru (Moderator), Wise (Depth Charge Recording Group), Fokis, Scott Kieklak, Renegade (Stankonia), The Professor (5 Points Music Group), Graham Marsh, Miles Walker, Matt Hayes


“What’s Your Spin on It?” DJ Discussion

How to Put Zeros Behind the 1s and 2s

October 12th | 3:30-5:00 | Guitar Center Stage

The DJ has always been an integral part of Hip Hop but within the past decade, DJs have established an identity and brand all of their own. Successful DJs reveal their secrets.

Panelists: DJ Cha-Cha Jones (moderator), DJ Smallz, DJ Burn One, Amir Boyd (Epic Records), DJ Nez (RocHarder DJs), DJ Trackstar (Smoking Section),  DJ Wayne Ski (Beatminerz), DJ Scream (Hoodrich/MMG), Heroes x Villains

Where's my check

“Where’s My Check?” Publishing/Licensing

On Points & Percentages | October 12th | 3:30-5:00 | Heaven

Publishing can be a daunting concept to artists entering the music industry, but knowledge of how publishing works can make or break careers. Get answers to questions like how to get paid, what is a split sheet, establishing safeguards and how to create licensing opportunities.

Panelists: Wendy Day (Rap Coalition) (Moderator), Danny!,  Steve Collins, The Aqua League, Jennifer Drake (ASCAP), Evita Kaigler, Peniece LeGall (SESAC), Amanda McIntyre (EMI), Combat Jack


No Passport Necessary – International Hip Hop

Jetsetting with with the best of ‘em

October 12th | 4:00-5:30 | Jakprints Stage

Hip Hop may have started stateside but the movement has gained strength internationally. People from all over the world have embraced this genre and offer unique perspectives on what the culture means to them.

Panelists: Fiona Bloom (The Bloom Effect) (moderating), D.O., DJ Jelly, Greg Schick (World Hip-Hop Market),  Selah Abrams (Africa Operations/The Omen Agency), Henca Maduro (New Skool Rules), TEFF, Asya Shein (Fusicology), Felecia Cruz (Fighting For Futures/feleciacruz)


“I Probably Blew Out Your Speakers” Producers

Let me hear that 808…

October 13th | 2:15-3:45 | Guitar Center Stage

Producer has been thrown around more times than “grind,” “swag” and “studio” combined. Find out how to build a successful career in creating records, not just beats.

Panelists: J-Hatch (Moderator), WillPower (Supa Hot Beats),  Just Blaze, Willy Will,  The Olympicks,  5 Points Music Group, Focus,  Illmind,  DJ Prince, Fatin

Lipgloss and Sneakers

StupidDope.Com Presents: Lip Gloss and Sneakers

The Women Behind The Music

October 12th | 6:00-7:15 | Highland Ballroom

Lipgloss and Sneakers brings together talented women from all corners of the world and all sectors of industry on how to face these challenges and triumph in the face of adversity.

Panelists: A’rfa Butt (MTV)(moderator), Ayara Pommells (StupidDope/Earmilk /RawRoots), Amber Ravenel (Women on the Move), Rapsody, Adrift Da Belle, Monie Love, Nikkiya,  Tiffany Hardin (Gild Creative Group)

Pub Deals

“Are Pub Deals Right for You?” Pub Deals Discussion Presented by ChaseLawyers

Short-Term Gains, Possible Long-Term Headaches

October 13th | 12:15-1:45 | Jakprints Stage

How do you know if a publishing deal is right for you? Learn the benefits and the downsides.

Panelists: Nikki Marshall (Moderator)(Red Clay Clearences), Kenny Kold (Motown/UMPG), Ray Daniels (R.A.Y.D.A.R.), Greg Bloom, Esq., Kia Shine, Bernie Lawrence-Watkins, Esq., Ian Burke (Burke Stone Management/Alphabet City Studios), Cappriccieo Scates (Arrow Records)


“Green Screens, 808s and Final Cut” Music Videos and Visuals Discussion

Quiet on the set! October 13th | 1:00-2:30 | Plaza Theatre

In the age of youtube, music videos music can be seen by people from all over the world at the click of a mouse button. It takes a special kind of person to be able to translate a song to a visual medium effectively.

Panelists: Omar Shaikh, Motion Family, Cam Kirk, Matt Raz (Combat Jack Show), Christopher Wilkes, Payne Lindsey (Signal Point Studios), G Visuals


Writing Sessions of America presents Business As Usual sponsored by X-treme Promo

For The Love Of M.O.N.E.Y. (making others need everything you have to offer)

October 13th | 2:00-3:30 | Jakprints Stage

Everyone wants to be in the industry, but ever wonder what it takes to survive in the music business. Join us as our panel of industry experts share with you what it takes to have longevity beyond the mic.

Panelists: Kevin Shine (moderator), Peniece Le Gall (SESAC), Lonnie Deadwyler, DJ Michael “5000″ Watts,  Blac Elvis, DJ Toomp, Kim Smith, Da Internz, Mike Snoddy