A3C features over 500 performances from some of Hip-Hop’s most promising and renowned artists & DJs from across the world. 2014 A3C will host 50+ showcases across the metro Atlanta area. Showcases are curated by brands, organizations, and influencers representing the greater Hip-Hop community.

2014 Featured Performers

2014 Performers

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Want to Perform at A3C?

A3C has partnered with Sonicbids to find up-and-coming talent from around the world to place on different stages and showcases throughout the festival. A3C has selected over 130 Sonicbids artists since 2005 (including 40+ last year). Additionally, each act that is NOT selected to perform from Sonicbids will receive a discount code for $25 off an all-access festival pass... so there is NO down side.

Sonicbids is the exclusive submission platform for A3C Festival.

Submit Your Music

NOTE: Because of the large number of performance requests, A3C does NOT accept unsolicited submissions and are not able to review any submissions via email or social media.

Artist Submissions = $20 (Feb 4th - Aug 31st)

Late Artist Submissions = $40 (Sept 1 - Sept 19th)

Want to Produce/Present a Showcase at A3C?

Each year, A3C works with different brands, promoters, labels, media outlets, organizations and influencers from across the world to curate the best possible set of shows to represent hip-hop music.

There is NO turnkey process for producing an event because each showcase is unique and every year is different. A3C strives to host a diverse collection of shows, and we work with our partners to ensure the best possible festival for attendees.

If interested in producing, presenting or hosting a showcase, please fill out our showcase submission form.

BET Music Matters Showcase