Danny!, also known as D. Swain, is a rap performer and record producer from Columbia, South Carolina, a former student of the Savannah College of Art & Design and, previously, a recording artist for Definitive Jux Records. L.A. Weekly has called Danny! “the best new artist that Def Jux has signed”. Danny! released five self-produced studio albums, three instrumental albums and a greatest hits compilation prior to, and during, his affiliation with Def Jux. He often wears an oxford shirt and pinstriped neckties, and has gained notoriety for prank-calling celebrities.

Danny! is most notable for his self-released albums “Charm” and “And I Love H.E.R.”, the latter named by ABC News as one of the best 50 albums of 2008. 2011′s “Where Is Danny?”, despite internet leakage that hindered sales, has received acclaim for its cartoonish lyrical content and “lo-fi” production. The project was released via Interscope through a one-off deal with the label.

Shortly after it was revealed by The Roots drummer Questlove that he was Jay-Z’s new favorite artist, Danny! was subsequently signed as the flagship artist to a re-launched Okayplayer Records after years of being loosely affiliated with the company.