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Check It Out: Flat Fitty



For the second year in a row, we’ve partnered with Flat Fitty and we couldn’t be happier. We love their products and hopefully love us too! Check out some of our favorites items from the Flat Fitty headwear line.   Want to buy? Go here now.

Get To Know: The Curators of Hip Hop


The Curators of Hip Hop partnered with us this year to deliver amazing content. We are incredibly excited to work again with COHH in 2015- In the meantime, get to know them!

The Curators of Hip Hop (COHH) are keepers of an online museum of auditory and visual stimulation. We are the constantly changing world of Hip Hop. We are the art, the culture, the politics, the fun, the honesty – the movement. Creativity meets [...]

Get to Know: Audio Common



Audio Common partnered with A3C for the first time this year and we couldn’t be any more excited to have had the opportunity to make the connection. Audio Common hosted an A3C Official Showcase on Friday night, October 10th featuring artists like Money Makin’ Nique, Bobby Creekwater, Dutch Rebelle and many more. Audio Common also set up to showcase their work at The Artist Center where they were able to connect their brands with the industry.


AudioCommon gives [...]

Karmaloop: New Items


Karmaloop partnered with us this year to present the A3C/Karmaloop Pop-Up Shop and A3C Street Style. Karmaloop has partnered with us for 2 years. We want you to appreciate what Karmaloop is and what they do. Check out some of their newest clothing available HERE!

These are some of our favorite items that just released on their site. What do you think?


Get To Know: Music Train Management


Music Train Management was an incredibly great partner this year. We want to take this time to shed some light on what they do in the industry for undeveloped artists.

About Music Train:

Music Train is an innovative artist development company dedicated to helping the hardworking and undiscovered talent become successful and generate revenue in the music and entertainment business. Music Train and its affiliates have over twenty combined years in the entertainment industry. We have been in contact and worked with many [...]

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